Solid Hardwood Flooring gives the warmth and elegance to your home that never goes out of style; for years to come. 

Hardwood floor is great for increasing your properties value and also holds other advantages such : Easy to Clean, no dust traps (unlike carpet, exceptional for people with allergies) and damaged boards can easily be replaced / refinished.


Great for Kitchen's & Bathrooms, with tiles, gone are the constraints of water spills. A good installation can easily last up to 20+ years. 

Easy to clean, does not attract dirt, pollen, allergens. Can be cold on the feet but our in heat flooring solution can be added to installation if desired. 


A good quality vinyl plank can easily recreate the luxurious look of any authentic wood plank. 

The benefits are that it's extremely durable, it's virtually waterproof (can be installed in basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms), easy to clean, inexpensive to install and resists scratches / wear. 


Laminate has 3 or 4-layered construction for long-lasting durability.

A Wear layer – the top layer protects the floor from stains and fading and resists scuffs and scratches.

Design Layer – displays a photographic image of wood, stone, or other visual that is glued to the inner core.

Inner Core – HydraCore™/HydraCore Plus is a moisture resistant HDF (High Density Fiberboard) to provide stability, durability, moisture resistance, and sound absorption.
Backing – the bottom layer creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from warping. Not all laminate flooring come attached with a moisture barrier. 


Engineered Hardwood floors consist of a top layer of a real hardwood species and a core, typically consisting of multiple plywood layers laminated together to form a durable plank, or in some cases HDF (high density fiberboard).

Benefits are very similar to Hardwood, can be glued down to concrete slab (condo's, basements), can be nailed or float. Can withstand slightly lower or higher moisture levels.