Residential: Home is where the heart is, the destination we long to get to after a long day's work. Let us add to the comforting feeling of arriving home by welcoming you to a clean, fresh scented environment... because Life can be busy, and coming home to a clean house can be that much more enjoyable. 

Ready for that lemon clean scent?

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Post Construction: Our company is equipped with the right professionals to pick up and clean all construction waste left on your construction site. ​We will ensure that all materials are disposed off accordingly. (Recycling Centers, Drywall Recycling Plants etc.)


With a keen eye on detail, our ​cleaning services we'll leave an impression. Here are a few of our cleaning services we offer throughout the Lower Mainland. 

Insurance Restoration Clean Up & Disposal: Removal & disposal off all damaged goods such as cabinets, flooring, drywall etc, 

Offices / Businesses: A lot of time is spent at the office. Working in a clean and organized space is important to ensure positive work flow.